Benefits of Solid State Drive Technology for Data Centers

SSD a worth asset for data centers

Solid State Drives scored impressions way back as an high performance storage resource that improves data center efficiency and satisfies end-user experience with better response time. It helped data center operators manage the rapidly growing storage requirements and maximize performance level. Although several new technologies emerged in the market, SSDs…

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How is Backup Different From Disaster Recovery?

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Do you consider backup and disaster recovery to be the similar concepts? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. These two terminologies hold different meaning and are not interchangeable, but share quiet few similarities. Disaster recovery is a vast concept, whereas backup is an element of the massive DR abstract, both services…

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DDoS: Predominantly Causing Costly Data Center Outages

DDoS Predominantly Causing Costly Data Center Outages

While IT operators have discovered methods to avert unplanned outages, DDoS attacks are still playing its part in wreaking havoc in the data centers. UPS system failure was considered as one of the most common factors leading to power outage. The recent reports released by Emerson states that unexpected downtime…

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It’s Important to Backup Your Data Regularly

Backup Your Data Regularly

And we’ve been saying it again and again. While the rate of cyber crimes and business disasters is booming, the need for creating backups of mission-critical data is becoming important as well. You’ll soon understand why data backup is so essential. In this blog we’ll discuss some crucial aspects that…

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