2017 belong to people with these IT skills

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In the misfortune of joblessness circumstances, IT industry is as yet going great. Its advancement and improvement are not going to stop any soon. This is the reason the business has its entryways open for different job opportunities. Be that as it may, it’s dynamic and regularly changing which implies there will be a consistent change in the interest for IT abilities expected by the organizations. Individuals who are searching for self-awareness, prepared to do multi-entrusting and expecting an incredible pay-scale, can locate a plentiful of chances in the IT business.

In last few years the demand for software developers and security engineers were on the rise but now the demand for IT skills is making a shift. 2017 onwards there will be the rise in demand for following IT skills:

Programming / Application Development: According to hiring managers, developers and programmers are the most sought after professionals in the IT world. Companies need technical persons to handle their companies applications, work on API’s & also develop proprietary software for the company. Apart from this, the demand is also surging for these professionals to maintain & update existing software.

As a result of this, companies are trying to attract top talents & also woo them with high attractive salaries & benefits.

Mobile app developers/engineers: The world is now mobile! Smartphones and other mobile devices have brought a revolutionary change where people can access, upload, edit and share information from anywhere at anytime. Mobile apps have made things handy and easily manageable. As a result, iOS and android app development skills are very much in demand.  So, mobile engineers need to cheer up as there is going to be plenty of job opportunities for them.

Network engineers: More demand for mobile devices means more demand for internet and hosting server or networking services. Network engineers ensure fast and secure content flows between the various hosting servers and devices. Though their job is not as exciting as others there was always requirements for network engineers and they will continue to remain in much demand, today and forever.

Business analysts: A skilled business analyst helps in the sailing of the business projects by effectively bridging the gap between IT professionals and the management team. Although, they are known for some bad reasons like pruning off the employees in tough times. But a good business analyst can make the company overcome bad times.

Cloud professionals: More and more organizations are moving to the cloud computing technologies and to help them in technology integration, there is a great need for cloud server hosting experts. Migration to the cloud technology involves certain operational risks which need to be planned and monitored. Apart from cloud hosting service providers, even large enterprises (with their own IT team) are looking out for cloud experts & Cloud solutions.

Help desk / technical support: According to hiring companies, help desk / technical support services are most sought after in companies which involve hardware & software services. These people will always be required to handle hardware & software issues that arise in an organization & as technology is pervasive. These people will always be required to handle tickets coming in an organization to maintaining best practices, policies & procedures. In fact, companies often look for technical candidates having broad knowledge about different hardware and software systems so they can handle requests & solve problems with ease arising in the organization.

Big Data: Companies have the vast database of useful data for business as structured & unstructured data. They need experienced professionals to extract insights and bring value from the data they have amassed. For this, companies need big data professionals who can build current data sets & have experience in specific technologies like Hadoop & Oracle & big data computer oriented computer languages like Scala. Apart from this, specific industry experience is a must. It helps big data professionals to properly understand & derive valuable insights from the large available data.

Project Management: According to a survey conducted, 25% of hiring managers had plans to hire employees with this skill. Employees are looking out for persons who can successfully manage existing, new & relevant projects, as well to collaborate with various business partners and effectively complete multiple projects. For this, they expect candidates to have certifications and solid experience to communicate with people & lead teams.

Database Administration: It is estimated that the rate of growth in employment opportunities for database professionals will grow at rate 11% from 2014 to 2024. Employers hiring for this role is expecting candidates as DBAs to have a range of skills. Sought out for Proficiency in skills like data modeling and database design is ranking high with an ability to ensure database performance and data integrity. While examining candidates, employers are looking for professionals who can correlate data rules, mandatory input requirements, data structures while closely examining business processes behind data collection.

Also, check out these forecasted fields for the year 2018 to stay relevant in the job market.

  1. User Interface (UI) design

  2. Web architecture & development framework

  3. Server Storage systems and management

  4. Algorithm design /coding

  5. Statistical analysis & data mining