Advantages of server hosting on Ubuntu Cloud

ubuntu cloud server hosting

Ubuntu is an open source, free software- a Debian based Linux Operating System. Many enterprises prefer Ubuntu for its excellent security. It’s less prone to malware attacks and such security breaches. The user can also create their own private and public Ubuntu Cloud computing with the help of Ubuntu One. Ubuntu One offers Public Cloud as SaaS (Software as a Service) environment.

The features of Ubuntu One Public cloud Server are:

  • 2 GB free space
  • Ubuntu One (SaaS)
  • No storage cost for 2 GB
  • Remote access

Ubuntu One private cloud computing has services beyond storage. It is more flexible and dynamic with offerings like (IaaS) Infrastructure as a Service which in return saves costs. The advantages of hosting on Ubuntu One cloud are:

Cost saving: Since Ubuntu is an open source operating System, it’s services are free to users and few negligible costs are involved in the case of a service upgrade. So it involves a very minimal cost in hosting on Ubuntu cloud on Ubuntu One desktop.

Full Access: With Ubuntu One cloud, the user has full control over the hosting environment. So, the user is able to control the security levels, data management, and all other settings.

Agility: The user is also able to sync the data and directly share it online with full control on settings. It also enables remote access to the data. The process in Ubuntu cloud for sharing and accessing data is a few click job. It’s very simple.

Integration: Ubuntu One cloud server hosting allows the integration of all shared directories, active directories and LDAP. This integration amplifies the capabilities of the cloud platform.

Flexibility: Another advantage of open source Ubuntu One cloud hosting is that it can be customized according to business-specific requirements. The server hosting needs vary from business to business, so flexibility to customize configurations makes it favorable for all kinds of users.

Fast: Ubuntu cloud servers strongly focus on storing/retrieving information or accessing data from the cloud. It uses minimum GUI for its functionality. It concentrates more on the hardcore functionality. It is user-friendly and ensures seamless programming and design features. In addition to this, Ubuntu enterprise cloud can be deployed and tweaked easily to fit businesses customized needs. Thus, it has amassed community support and is now getting popular among companies and individuals.