Benefits of Solid State Drive Technology for Data Centers

SSD a worth asset for data centers

Solid State Drives scored impressions way back as an high performance storage resource that improves data center efficiency and satisfies end-user experience with better response time. It helped data center operators manage the rapidly growing storage requirements and maximize performance level. Although several new technologies emerged in the market, SSDs…

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DDoS: Predominantly Causing Costly Data Center Outages

DDoS Predominantly Causing Costly Data Center Outages

While IT operators have discovered methods to avert unplanned outages, DDoS attacks are still playing its part in wreaking havoc in the data centers. UPS system failure was considered as one of the most common factors leading to power outage. The recent reports released by Emerson states that unexpected downtime…

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Web Hosting: Secure Configuration of cPanel and WHM

pre-requisites for cpanel-whm installation

cPanel and WHM (Web Hosting Manager) help greatly in controlling and managing the web servers. The users can easily control their web hosting servers, email accounts, FTP, security settings, databases, application and more through easy-to-use GUI and automation options of control panel. Before we move further, let’s see the pre-requisites…

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