Protecting Linux Servers Against Glibc Vulnerability

linux servers Glibc Vulnerability

What is Glibc Vulnerability? Not too long ago, a critical vulnerability has been discovered in GNU C Library, which is an instrumental component of Linux distributions. It is also being referred as GHOST vulnerability which is causing all Linux machines, Linux based apps and devices prone to the hackers. Who…

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POP Before SMTP: Supported no further

POP Before SMTP Supported no further

What is POP before SMTP? POP before SMTP is used by some email programs and software as an authorization method that helps the customers in sending an outgoing mail after receiving all the mail successfully from the same location. How it worked? In POP before SMTP approach, the users were…

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What Favors the Data Center Market Boom?

Cloud computing Data Center Market Boom

Recently, I came across a statement which stated- ‘Data centers are the center of everything’ and I couldn’t agree more. With cloud computing hosting services, big data, internet of things and many other futuristic concepts (which have already started emerging and settling) will all be centered around the data centers.…

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Emails Accounts with Domain Name add value to the Business

hosting domain name provider features

Email accounts are crucial for running a business today. Although you may indulge into multiple telephonic conversations related to business still emails are considered to be the professional communication tool. The conversations on email keep people informed and reminded of the status of any business matter or the deal. Besides, the…

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Windows VPS: Quick Startup User Guide

Windows VPS Quick Startup User Guide

Are you among those who signed up for Windows VPS services but do not possess those technical skills to configure and set up your virtual server? This Windows Virtual Server startup user guide will help such novice users in configuring your Windows virtual private server in few clicks. A simple…

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Best 10 Data Centers News in 2018


The data center industry has been evolving at a rapid pace. Difficulties and challenges are obvious in every business sector and so it was with the IT infrastructure. Here are some top data centers stories of 2018 highlighting the major changes, evolution and disruption in the industry that hit the…

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