How is Backup Different From Disaster Recovery?

backup disaster recovery plan

Do you think hosting server backup and disaster recovery is the same thing? Don’t worry, you’re not alone who thinks they are similar. These two terminologies hold diverse importance and are not tradable, but rather share a calm couple of likenesses. Disaster recovery is a vast concept, whereas backup is…

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Is Bare Metal Server The Ideal Option for Businesses?

bare metal server

Throughout the years, bare metal cloud server services have drawn the consideration of the worldwide crowd and it is not in the least astonishing. All of this owes to the flexibility, scalability, and efficiency of the cloud hosting servers that allow smooth interface without burning a hole in the IT budget. In short, bare-metal servers enables…

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Setting up Email Server in Linux Server System

email server system linux

Are you looking for assistance regarding the installation of email server in the Linux system? You may contact a Linux administrator for help or follow the guidelines and instructions explained in this blog. There are many server software like Postfix, Qmail, Sendmail and Exim that can be configured on the…

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2017 belong to people with these IT skills

IT skills hosting server

In the misfortune of joblessness circumstances, IT industry is as yet going great. Its advancement and improvement are not going to stop any soon. This is the reason the business has its entryways open for different job opportunities. Be that as it may, it’s dynamic and regularly changing which implies…

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