Be Prepared: The only Solution is the Disaster Recovery Plan

disaster recovery plan

Disasters are unfortunate and unseen events which can hit a place and cause some irreparable damages. We are living today in the digital world and internet is now an inseparable part of our lifestyles. The core of this internet, IT and communications are the data centers where the data are hosted and transferred through network of servers. If by any chance a data center is hit by any disaster- fire, earthquake, flood, hurricane or any other catastrophe, the damage will be irreversible. However, the impact of any of such disaster can be minimized if the data center providers have right disaster recovery plans in place.

There have been researches which indicate that approximately 50% businesses that have suffered from an IT disaster failed to reopen and lost their existence. According to a Gartner research reports, only 35% of the organization said they were able to recover from the disaster without any problems. We need to understand the importance of disaster recovery plans to ensure the business continuity for customers.

Crucial points for disaster recovery:

Choose a data center which is geographically located at a disaster-free location: If the mission-critical data of your business is stored and hosted in the data center which is located at the safest corner of the earth, then you are in the safe hands. There are areas which are less likely to suffer from any disaster. However, make sure there have basic business continuity plans, fire recovery management, water repellant management etc.

If not, check all disaster recovery standards are met: If locating your servers in a disaster-free zone is not feasible for your business. Or for any reason you have your data in the data centers which are not situated in a disaster-free location, then make sure it meets all the disaster recovery standards.   

Move to the clouds: The best way to sit back and relax is to put all your data to the clouds. Your data will be running safe on multiple servers. Even if one of it goes for toss, the remaining ones can keep them up and running.