Best ways to Switch Web Hosting Providers

Web Server Hosting Providers

There are multiple causes on account of which you have chosen to move to another web hosting provider. Could be you are dissatified with the support or feature or might be you got a citation that is less expensive. Dependability, speed, server issue are likewise few factors.

You really want to switch but you are afraid, because of the risk involved in migrating the website to new web hosting company. Don’t worry, you can make a smooth transition by just being little cautious and following the below steps:

Step 1 – Stop Campaign: Don’t start with any new activities or promotion related to your website and stop all those PPC campaigns, content publications, and any other SEO activities.

Step 2 – It’s Back Up Time: Make a reinforcement of all your website data because prevention is always better than cure. So store everything, HTML files, graphics, PHP, JAVA Script and so on and even your emails to a hard drive or a local PC. Try not to uncover to your current hosting server provider of your leave plans, else they may end your service instantly which will demolish your website.

Step 3 – Make a Note of Crucial Details: You should scribble down and spare all the essential accreditations like security settings, passwords and configuration settings. Ensure you don’t miss on anything since you will require them on your new web host.

Step 4 – Research and Buy a New Web Host: There are many server hosting providers available in the market offering vps hosting, cloud server hosting, dedicated server hosting, colocation server services, bare metal server services, disaster recovery etc. But each one provides its own configuration with varying prices. While buying a hosting provider, you need to focus on a configuration that is most useful & reliable. Basic factors to look in the configuration are cost, required space, server configuration etc.

Step 5 – Test Time: To be sure everything is working fine do run a test on each page of your website once it is on the new web hosting server. When you are persuaded with the trial of page transfers at the impermanent IP or web address given by the new provider, make the following stride of DNS refresh.

Step 6 – Update your Domain Name Server: When you have asked for to move your DNS record, the switch can take anyplace between a couple of hours to an entire day to take live.

Step 7 – Say Goodbye to Old Hosting Provider: Once your DNS settings are updated within 3 days, cancel all of your services with the current web host. Oppsss ex-web host!

Step 8 – Update Your Users: During migration, keep your clients informed about the progress. Furnish them with the substitute get to and contact data.

These steps will prompt smooth, bother free and hazard free web site movement from your old web facilitating supplier to the better and brighter one.