Which is Better Server Hosting Service- Colocation Hosting or Managed Web Hosting

Better Server Hosting Service

Both managed web hosting and colocation server hosting services are cost-efficient solutions and both enable the organizations in moving their IT infrastructure to the off-premises. But their advantages for your business may vary. So before making any decision, understand the difference between both the services to ensure you sign the right deal.

Managed Server Hosting

Managed Server Hosting is the data center service which allows the users to completely outsource their IT infrastructure. It is related to procuring the dedicated hardware from the server hosting provider as-a-service. The hosting provider maintains and manages your hardware in the data center allowing you to focus better on business strategies.

Troubleshooting challenges are the key area of service for the team of experts at the data centers. So you can be fully assured of the maintenance and management of your IT hardware and infrastructure.

One of the major advantages of managed dedicated hosting service is that you do not need to make any huge investments in the latest technologies. The managed service providers have all the latest technologies as they keep all their hardware and systems upgraded with the latest updates.

With managed hosting services, your IT team is also relieved of fixing the regular technical issues. Now they can be able to focus on new things. Moreover, the cost of hiring IT staff may be significantly reduced too.

Colocation Server Hosting

Similar to managed hosting service, in colocation hosting, the server and equipment are outsourced to data centers but the difference lies in the ownership of IT hardware. Colocation accounts have their own servers and hardware while the software is provided to them by the providers through lease, rent or they may even purchase it from them.

The colocation users need to install and configure their hardware and software on their own and they are even responsible for its maintenance. In a nutshell, the colocation users not only own their hardware, but they are also allowed to control it and manage it in the provider’s environment. 

In the case of colocation servers, the servers are owned & hence full control can be taken. The only thing you will need is the budget to purchase a server, an IT team to manage & run the server.This increases the cost of colocation server than managed server hosting.With managed hosting, you can only need to lease or rent the server making it a cheaper option for use.


If you are looking for a solution that allows complete control over your server and other IT assets then colocation server hosting will be the ideal solution for your business. But if you want to get fully relieved from the management of IT infrastructure, managed dedicated hosting is the right solution for you. Today hybrid IT is the new thing. Organizations now prefer to derive benefits from a balanced combination of different solutions.