Why do businesses need responsive website design?

benefits of responsive website design for businesses

Many studies have reported that by 2016 most of the people will be accessing web on their mobile phones, compared to PCs and laptops. This rise is already evident now as most of the internet users in US are online through mobile web. So, if you are yet to consider a responsive website design for, you are losing a major revenue since a major portion of the customer-base is available on the smartphones and tabs.

Here we will see the benefits of responsive website design for businesses:

No need to create a separate mobile site version: A responsive website design adjusts or scales the page size according to the resolution of the device on which the web is accessed. So there is no need to invest additionally for creating a specific version for mobile site for the same web content. The visuals and display in the responsive websites are highly navigational. Not only texts, images and videos too are scaled as per the screen resolution.

Google recommends it: Responsive websites even offer SEO benefits. The search engine major Google itself recommends it. It offers ranking benefits for keywords in mobile search.

Duplicate Content: Creating different versions of website for desktops, mobiles and tabs will mean repetition of the content. However, there is no chance of duplicate content with responsive website design. Duplicate contents may get hit by search engine algorithms that will ultimately affect the rankings.

Local search advantage: Smartphones and tabs are usually synchronized with the phone calls, GPS, Map etc. It increases the chances of your ranking based on the location of the visitors who are closer to you. It brings the right and viable traffic to your website as well as genuine enquiries are received.

These are few of many advantages of responsive website design. There will be an increase in your mobile traffic. Your business can be ahead of the competition if you keep your website upgraded with the latest technologies.