Can You Trust Your New Web Server?

Can You Trust Your New Web Server

Have you recently switched to a new web server system and things are not working fine?
Are you among those who do not get the desired results even after taking the pain of choosing the right web host for your business? Instead, you get downtime, data loss, DNS error etc.

If your answer is yes then this article may help you in dealing with the situation and come out of it shining.

More than often, web server users suffer certain issues when they have migrated from one server to another without any professional assistance. There must have been some discrepancies while the data migration process onto the new server. Eventually there are few errors and issues.

Identifying the possible reasons for the web server issues

Old Hardware: Some server providers may sell you an obsolete server hardware in disguise. However, the user can know the true age of server through the CPU. The version of the CPU can indicate how old it is.So you can come to understand the age of hardware through CPU release dates. Internet has a detailed timeline of CPU versions with their year of release.

Software: If your new server host is not a reputed one and offers some cheap hosting, then they may even deploy old control panel software. This is definitely going to pull down the performance level of servers.

Order Verification: Do verify that you have got what you were promised in terms of RAM, CPU, hard disk, OS Version, network speed and more such resources.

Match your RAM: Match the RAM kilobytes at the new server. They might not match but make sure it is a close figure.

You can figure out the aforementioned issues through an internet research and find your answers. Later you can contact your server provider for replacement of the obsolete resources. However, before taking any step to resolve these issues, you must first create a backup of your data.

Still, if the issues persist you must get the managed services from a reputed dedicated server providers. The unlimited and excellent support from the professional IT experts can mitigate any server migration risks.