How’s the Idea of Sparing an Extra Server?

What would you do with a spare server

Spare servers can be a good idea in the case of any downtime due to some equipment failure. Things will remain functional even if there are hardware issues. It will help in minimizing the downtime and ensure business continuity. Managed hosting services help businesses in carrying out their IT operations…

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Web Hosting: Secure Configuration of cPanel and WHM

pre-requisites for cpanel-whm installation

cPanel and WHM (Web Hosting Manager) help greatly in controlling and managing the web servers. The users can easily control their web hosting servers, email accounts, FTP, security settings, databases, application and more through easy-to-use GUI and automation options of control panel. Before we move further, let’s see the pre-requisites…

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Can You Trust Your New Web Server?

Can You Trust Your New Web Server

Have you recently switched to a new web server system and things are not working fine? Are you among those who do not get the desired results even after taking the pain of choosing the right web host for your business? Instead, you get downtime, data loss, DNS error etc.…

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Virtual Server Data Protection: Things to Know

Virtual Server Data Protection Things to Know

What is server virtualization? The technology to mask the server resources such as the physical server, processors, operating systems etc. from the server users is known as Server Virtualization. Multiple virtual environments are created on a single physical server with the use of software application. This server is abstractly divided…

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Understanding the Future of Servers

Technological enthusiasts and experts are always striving to achieve some technical innovation to bring a revolutionary change in the functional IT landscape. It started with large mainframe computers; then there were bulky desktops, now there are light-weighted Laptops with exponential capabilities than that of older mainframes. Even there are handy…

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Windows Server 2016: A Detailed Overview


Windows Server 2016 is soon to be launched this year. Technologists are looking up to this latest version of Windows server as a modern and revolutionary technology. New apps, advanced features, Cloud-first world, and Speed are some of the highlights of this latest version. Microsoft has mentioned that Windows Server…

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What are Zombie Servers and Ghost Servers?

Data Center Zombie Servers

Often zombie servers are mistaken for zombie computers while the two terms are far different from each other. Zombie computers are compromised systems that enable hackers or attackers to perform Denial of Service Attack (DoS), while zombie servers are idle servers in data centers that use power and other resources…

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