Why Choose Data Center Server Colocation Hosting Services for Disaster recovery?

data center colocation services  

Data is an invaluable asset for any enterprise today. Ensuring a robust security for their mission critical data is one of the major concerns for businesses as they can’t afford to lose it. Any security breach or a disastrous event can ruin all the data and then it might become almost impossible for businesses to recover the damages. Henceforth their survival will become difficult. A well-devised disaster recovery plan can be the only savior in such situations.

Out of all other options for disaster recovery, data center Colocation hosting services is one of the best disaster recovery solutions to ensure an uninterrupted business continuity in addition to the data security.

Why Data Center Colocation Services for Disaster Recovery?

Managing and maintaining your hosting server in an in-house environment is not only costly but also involves risks. A data center colocation facility is the best alternative to set up a remote disaster recovery site for the enterprise. CTOs are already challenged with the operations and cost management. With colo data center, they able to meet the disaster recovery goals by migrating and storing their data safely and in a cost effective manner at world class data centers. Business servers are co-located at a disaster-free geographic location in a state-of-the-art data centers equipped with the latest infrastructure, robust security, and effective backup solutions. Managed by expert IT professionals, data center colocation hosting services will lead to reduced overhead expenses, improved performance, a greater degree of security, better scalability, and reduced costs.

Many colocation hosting service providers also offer managed colocation hosting services wherein the experienced IT professionals will take care of your colocation servers at their data centers. This will allow the managers to focus their energies on more important business matters. Besides, the enterprises do not need to hire additional staff to manage and control the servers.

Points to remember while choosing a colocation hosting service provider for disaster recovery management services:

Location of the colocation data center: Choose the geographically safe location which lies in a disaster-free zone of the earth.

Security features: Make sure the data centers are well-equipped with all the latest security features.

99.995% SLA guarantee: It will ensure almost zero percentage of downtime.

Cost: Colocation service providers generally charge by considering how much space and the type of equipment you will use. It will help you to determine the right budget for your company and also the required communication feasibility.

Unisecure offers both managed colocation as well as unmanaged colocation services at its world class data centers located in Conshohocken and Philadelphia, USA.