Colocation Server Hosting vs. Managing your own data center

datacenter colocation server hosting services

With the internet, business processes have sped up but on the other hand, the fast paced technologies have built a huge heap of content and data. To store these data and to make the website accessible to everyone web hosting servers are required. For every enterprise, building and managing their own tier 4 data center is not possible. It is neither feasible nor efficient. However, there are some organizations which need their own server or servers because their businesses are huge or it needs a higher degree of security and privacy.

In such situations, the organizations have two options. First, they can choose to go for a painstaking option of building and managing their own data center. Second, they can select the easier one with server colocation data center services.


Managing Your Own Data Center Vs. Colocation Server Hosting Services

Building an in-house IT-infrastructure involves several challenges in creating the right computing environment for the servers. Power, cooling, networking, space, hardware, tech experts and thousands of such capital resources will not only cost a fortune but it may even fail to deliver the desired results. Because the IT infrastructure needs to be upgraded and properly maintained to keep up with the ever changing internet technologies.

To meet the different server hosting needs of enterprises, data centers offer a wide range of server hosting solutions. Server Colocation is one of the major offerings by data center providers. Colocation server hosting is the service where the user has an option to lease their hosting server in a data center. Latest HVAC technologies for an adequate server environment, intense security model, disaster recovery measures for mission critical data safety, 24×7 tech assistance by professionals, high network bandwidth, multiple carriers, and ISPs are some of the advantages of colocation data centers. So, in spite of expending huge capital into the building and managing own data center, you should opt for affordable colocation hosting services, available at a meager monthly rental fee for the server space.


Why Businesses Choose Server Colocation Hosting Services?

Following are few factors because of which businesses opt for server colocation hosting services:

  • Need for robust or custom hardware.
  • Need for lots of bandwidth for usage.
  • Need to set up server clusters, load balancing servers, redundant hardware, etc.
  • Need to host content or services that are not allowed to host by other hosting providers.
  • Need freedom from arbitrary or unwanted costs.
  • Need for complete control & flexibility of your server & its services etc.