What are the concerns of shared hosting services?

What are the concerns of shared hosting services

What are Shared hosting services?

Shared hosting is one of the web hosting services wherein the resources of a physical server is shared among multiple users. This is why it is known as shared web hosting. This is the most economical web hosting services but the performance of the websites is compromised because the resources are shared.

Why it is an obsolete way of website hosting?

The world has now moved to the cloud. Virtualization and hypervisor technology has taken the server hosting solutions to a new era. There are much better web hosting solutions available now for just a small rise of price.

What are the major concerns that bother shared hosting users?

Dozens of websites are hosted on the same server in a shared environment, sharing the processing speed, RAM, hard drive and other resources. The performance is slow and website suffers frequent downtime. Moreover the security of the website is also compromised. The activities on other websites hosted on the same server may impact the other users too.

What are the alternative hosting solutions for shared host?

Cloud solutions, VPS server and value dedicated servers are the efficient and affordable alternatives for the shared web hosting.

VPS: Most of the times, users upgrade from shared hosting to VPS hosting services because it is the second most affordable hosting solution after shared hosting. Besides, it comes with the benefits of a dedicated server at fraction of its costs. Virtual servers also host the website on a shared server but the use of virtualization technology creates an isolated hosting environment for each user. Better performance, improved flexibility and better security are some of the features of VPS hosting.

Cloud servers: The next alternative to the shared web hosting is the Cloud server. Affordable, as the price is based on a pay-per-use billing method. Ultimate security, incredible flexibility and enough scalability are the features of Cloud solutions.

Value dedicated servers: If your business is in a fast growing phase, Unisecure Small Business dedicated server package is for you. Economically priced to meet the IT budget of a small business, Unisecure Small Business dedicated server plan is specially designed for growing small businesses in the US.