Data Center Consolidation – IT benefits and Key Factors to Consider

tier-4 Datacenter consolidation

As per the researches, tier-4 data center consolidation will soon turn into the priority for many IT companies in 2016. It is apparent that in the forthcoming year, the demand for improved data center hosting services will increase and thus, IT infrastructures will have to take considerable steps to remain competitive in the market.

However, remaining competitive is not about enhancing the existing service or adding more to it. IT industries can still perform well in the market by smartly using its resources and delivering the best to its customers. Consolidation is just another concept that can help in generating competent market value.

Why consolidate data centers?

Many organizations own multiple data centers that offer far more facilities and run several applications and software than required. Companies might need only a few of them to run optimally. What makes them turn down their infrastructure is the high maintenance cost that incurs and since there is a number of equipment running for no reason, it consumes more energy that leads to significant capital expenditure.

With the latest technology such as virtualization, colocation or cloud solutions, companies can efficiently use its resources. These technologies create an environment that consumes less energy, requires less space and less equipment or sometimes, need no data center at all. This further helps companies to cut down operational cost and use energy efficiently.

Below we will discuss some of the key factors you need to take into consideration when it comes to consolidating IT infrastructures.

Things to consider when consolidating data centers

1. Resource Management

When consolidating, you can either move to an in-house server room or outsource your IT requirements. However, the most affected resource here will be the staff, as some will stay, while other may be laid off. Thus, companies need to develop a strategic plan and communicate it with its staff about the big step, which will reduce confusion later on.

2. Managing Software and Hardware

Different data center service providers run different versions of software, however, fulfilling similar needs. But the vendor from which this software comes from might be different and thus, companies need to get rid of what is unnecessary and consolidate the essential software as well as hardware. This will ensure that you move what is required and leave out the rest, which will lessen the burden of equipment.

3. Physical site, equipment and software licenses

What will you do with the building once you leave it? Companies can sell it, lease it or maintain it for personal use. When it comes to equipment, find out what can be sold and the things that can be kept. Make sure to destroy or erase your storage devices before you give it away. About licenses and agreements, some can be transferred to the new infrastructure, while others might need cancellation.