Data center Consolidation: Optimization of IT resources

Data Center Consolidation Optimization of IT resources

What is Data Center Consolidation?

Data Center Consolidation is the concept to maximize the IT efficiency in an enterprise to reduce IT assets. Adoption of efficient technologies such as server virtualization, storage virtualization etc. leads to optimum utilization of the server capacity as well as the resources. Moreover, implementing a plan which can drive better capacity utilization such as cloud computing and blade servers etc. are also the part of data center consolidation technologies.

This will not only ensure resource-efficiency but will also result in a manageable IT footprint.


How data center consolidation result in optimized IT Resources?

Data center consolidation enables the enterprises in becoming agiler as well as in remaining competitive. Data Center Consolidation and automation open gateways for latest technology-based-architectures and solutions. Virtualization and cloud computing are the key technologies in meeting the software defined anything at modern data centers.

A well-devised plan for maximizing the computing, network and storage capacity can create some more data center space with unparalleled speed.


Benefits of Data Center Consolidation

Data center consolidation offers multiple benefits:

Increased space:

One of the major benefits of data center consolidation technologies is the space created. Consolidation of data center servers and equipment creates significant space at the data center.

Reduced costs:

In a consolidated data center environment, there is smaller network and application infrastructure, therefore, cost of hardware, servers, routers etc. are reduced. It further results in lesser power consumption as well as operational costs. Altogether, the overall costs are heavily slashed.

Better IT control:

Consolidation of data center leads to the centralized management. Now the architecture is contracted, hence there is fewer equipment to be monitored. It leads to easier and manageable extent of IT control. Data Center consolidation also leads to clearly defined traffic patterns and volumes.

Increment in Security :

With the help of data center consolidation, some data center locations can be completely eliminated. Also, it can help to reduce size & scope of data centers. With fewer or reduced data centers, there will be fewer sites and assets to manage. Thus, the task of physically securing the enterprise becomes easy, less costly & needs fewer resources to manage itself. Also, with compact enterprise, connection simplifies between facilities which in turn will help in increasing the effectiveness of information security.  

Moreover, the disaster recovery plan execution is easier as there are lesser machines and equipment in addition to a well-planned architecture. Even the security is more effective with compact data center architecture. There are lesser assets to be managed leading to higher degree of security at lesser costs.