Data Center in the US v/s Data Centers Globally

Data centers in US host data for most of the Fortune 500 listed companies. In fact, US is the leading choice for many corporate for data center services. Although, there are many competing data center providers emerging in Asia-Pacific regions, still the US data center location is the ultimate choice for the enterprises because of its cutting-edge advantages, enterprise-class infrastructure, and many other favorable factors.

When compared globally, US data centers offer several benefits. Few of those benefits are highlighted below:

Economies of Scale: US data center market is very vast. There is a huge demand for data center services and so is the supply. Such massive demands lead to economies of scale, hence the data center services are available at a very competitive rate when compared globally.

Reduced taxation: US data center and IT hub, also known as silicon valley, is the place where all the tech-based companies are concentrated. The Government has been vital in encouraging the data center business here as the United States governs a very low tax rate on data center services. It considerably reduces the prices to a great extent. Whereas data center services in other parts of the world are comparatively charged at a very higher rate that accelerates their prices. It attracts customers from all over the world towards US data centers.

Power costs reduced: In US data centers, the power costs are lesser than other markets. This is because of their large scale of operations. The data centers in the US has massive hosting demands which lead to huge power consumption. So, they are able to negotiate for prices of the power supply. This curtails the overall price to almost 50% down, which is not available anywhere in the world.

Lower Bandwidth costs: US data centers also offer lower bandwidth costs when compared to that of other global competitors. Actually, the data centers in the US have a lesser rate of network peering and lower transit costs. Many a times peering comes for free as a part of transit price. Altogether, it decreases the bandwidth costs in US data centers.

Security: The best tier-4 data centers have 24x7x365 on-site security staff that patrols the data center and biometric scanning to prevent unauthorized access. But don’t concern yourself with only physical security. Make sure the data center’s software security is up to par and implementing policies to protect your data, including limiting access to those you approve.

Cost Savings: If the business is small or of medium size, then outsourcing your data center may help save your business lots of money.With access to better skills & infrastructure offered by the outsourced data center, businesses need not worry about their hosting business. It will help businesses in saving time, money & resources as a result of outsourcing your data center.As a result of this, it will not help in concentrating on your sales & services but also help reduce IT spends.