Dedicated Servers: Best Hosting Solution and Smart IT Investment

bare metal server hosting

With the advent of innovative technologies and popularization of cloud computing hosting services, users have multiple hosting choices with great benefits. Here we will tell you why dedicated servers also known as bare metal servers, are still the best hosting solution.

Why bare metal server hosting?

Firstly, no other server hosting option offers unlimited data storage space on the web like dedicated servers. Raw hardware and entire server resources are dedicated to a single client. This is why it delivers the highest degree of hosting security and unmatched speed. Nothing can yet beat the performance of bare metal servers.

Secondly, dedicated hosting servers are also one of the smartest IT investments because it is the best and will continue to be the smartest hosting solution even in the future. Although looking at the popularization of cloud computing solutions, many of us might think that cloud is the future of hosting, and perhaps rest of the server options will gradually evaporate with time. This is NOT true; as experts opine that cloud server hosting solutions is not always the best choice. In fact, combining the scalability and automation capabilities of virtualized cloud with the speed and performance of dedicated servers are going to be the future of hosting. Popularly, it is known as the bare metal cloud servers. Multi-tenant based virtualized public clouds are common but the performance level is not as what is expected. The single tenant bare-metal cloud server delivers exceptional performance when compared to the virtualized servers. Bare metal cloud servers are the non-virtualized technique which can be delivered as the cloud-like service model.

One of the real advantages of the bare-metal cloud is the adaptability it provides in terms of troubleshooting applications. Businesses alter their bare-metal cloud-based to meet their remarkable requirements. It then troubleshoots applications without worrying about their neighboring virtual machines (VMs).

In public cloud environments, physical servers are shared with virtual machines ( VM’s). It results in sharing of resources. But since a bare-metal cloud server is made up of dedicated servers, this problem of sharing which results in low performance is avoided.

When managed dedicated web servers are combined with the cloud, it becomes all the more simple to deploy, install migrate and upgrade the resources because of the automation capabilities of the cloud. Besides, users have full control over their servers which enable them to manage resources. Along with it, Cloud combined with managed dedicated web server also helps to increase performance & minimize cost for businesses.

Many web hosting providers in the US offer Hybrid hosting environment allowing developers to easily deploy & use any combination of cloud computing resources & full dedicated servers. It helps them to completely customize the configurations to meet all the specific needs of their applications.