Dedicated Servers Hosting – Improved Security against Hackers

Linux dedicated server hosting

Online presence for your business is very important whether it’s a growing startup or an established enterprise. But at the same time, the internet also poses several threat risks which can cause your data security to be compromised. So it becomes utmost important to undertake proper security measures. Dedicated hosting managed to host web servers are devoted to one single user hence the degree of security is highest as compared to other web hosting service options where the server is exposed to multiple users and websites.

But still, with the increasing internet usage, the hackers and criminal activities have increased too. So apart from the regular security measures, you must take some extra efforts for improved security on Dedicated Server Hosting.

Dedicated Server Security Measures

The security of Dedicated Servers depends mostly on the Data Center in-house facilities as it holds the equipment. Data Center service providers generally provide needed hardware maintenance and security to these resources to guarantee your server security. They regularly check for new vulnerabilities, software, and utility deployment and also updates and patches the servers regularly. Tuning up of firewalls is also done as a security measure to avoid hacker attacks.

Passwords: Simply setting a password does not mean that your dedicated server is secured. You need to strictly adhere to following password tips:

  • Don’t just set a password. Set a STRONG password with a combination of alphabets, numerical, upper case, lower case as well as special characters.

  • Keep your password character count not less than 10.

  • Don’t use names, surnames, birthdays and other such predictable information.

  • Moreover, keep changing passwords frequently, possibly in every 4 months.

Firewall Protection: Firewall protection is vital for your dedicated server as it will detect any threat and block it spontaneously. Moreover, it will also notify the user of such intruding activity in the network. The best tip related to firewall protection is to regularly update your firewall on the dedicated server. Updating the firewall and software will update them to combat any newly-generated virus or any other malware and consequently.

Secure network traffic: A weak network security may leave all your confidential business data vulnerable to hackers. It is strictly advised to use SSL connections for any such sensitive data. If you own an e-commerce business website, you need to be extra careful with network security.

The assistance of only qualified professional: For all kind of security measures on the dedicated server, only trust the qualified and professional technician as they will be able to assist you in the best way.

Data Back up: Last but not the least, take a regular backup of your data so that even if some mishap happens, your data is secured.

All the above security measures or checklist will definitely add a protective layer to your windows & linux dedicated web server hosting security. for more details check our Unisecure Data Centers Website.