Dedicated Server Web Hosting : Best Server Uptime Guaranteed

Dedicated Server hosting services

When you want your business online, you need to consider multiple things to ensure you meet your IT objectives of your business and achieve the expected results. Deciding on web hosting server for your business is not an easy task. Server hosting requirements vary from business to business depending upon the scale of operation, amount of traffic on the website etc. Once you have decided on the business hosting requirements, you need to search and find out the best suitable server option for your business, which should also fall into your set IT budget.

Major features to look for in a web server hosting solution are speed, flexibility, scalability, Reliability, server uptime, and security.

What is Server uptime?

Server uptime is the term used to describe the time for which the server is up and available. However, there are multiple reasons for server going down such as maintenance and few technical issues. Any web hosting service or server hosting provider where downtime is a frequent case is not preferable. After all, who wants their website to be down and lose their business opportunity? So, you should always rely on a dedicated hosting provider which offers high server availability .i.e. network uptime. A dedicated server host offering 99.999% uptime SLA guarantee is considered to be an ideal host.

There is multiple server hosting options, but when it comes to better security and best uptime, dedicated hosting solutions in the form of Linux & windows dedicated server serves the purpose in the best way.


How dedicated hosting servers offer the best uptime compared to other hosting solutions?

When your website is hosted on a dedicated hosting server, all the computing resources of that bare-metal server belong only to you as it is not shared with anyone else. This is why managed dedicated server hosting services offer faster speed and higher availability. There is no sharing of processor, memory, storage.

Whereas in the case of VPS hosting server or even in Cloud hosting solutions, there is sharing of resources, although server virtualization makes things better and easier, naturally, nothing can match the luxury and exclusiveness of a dedicated hosting server.

Dedicated managed servers are also the most secure hosting solution as it is not shared with anyone else, so there are lesser risks of peeping neighbors and security troubles.

If you have an established enterprise or it’s a flourishing business, dedicated servers will serve you the best for your web needs. Maybe today you do not have a large amount of traffic, but when your business will grow tomorrow, you may need to move to a dedicated hosting server. That may cost you much more than what it will do today.

So, analyze your business web needs carefully and take the right decision. Buy a dedicated hosting server today or move to it later when you are BIG. The Choice is always yours!  

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