Difference between Hosted Exchange and Hosting Exchange in-house ?

Hosted_Exchange_ServicesBefore the rapid commercialization of internet services, i.e. some 15 years ago, there was in-house hosting exchange where the enterprises had their own core processor and few servers, hosted within the premises of the company office. The enterprises had limited IT needs, hence limited IT resources with complete control. In contrast to traditional business IT requirements and in-house hosting exchange, today the complete scenario has changed as internet has outgrown from just a desktop to as handy as mobile devices, making the world go mobile.

Let’s observe the difference between the in-house hosting exchange and hosted exchange services:

Cost: The costs involved in in-house exchange hosting is of course much more than the monthly fees paid for hosted exchange. In-house exchange hosting needs investment for server, and other resources along with license cost, storage costs etc. Whereas for hosted exchange services can be availed in a monthly fees depending upon the resources you need.

Maintenance costs: Apart from the initial investment, in-house exchange hosting also involve additional costs pertaining to hardware, software, applications, upgrades and maintenance. While there is no such costs for hosted exchange, only and only the monthly fees as per use.

Expert services: in-house exchange hosting needs to employ IT experts for adminstration and operation of its IT resources whereas for hosted exchange services come with certified professional services for all kind of administration, operation and maintenance at the fixed monthly price.

Scalability: Hosted exchange services comes with feature of scalability included in the package with pay per use pricing policy whereas for in-house hosting exchange, scalability needs special budget.

Security: Network security to advanced anti virus solution, a secured hosting exchange environment for in-house requires a huge investment again. Hosted exchange services providers have all the latest security mechanisms in place for all its users, all included in the package.

Overall infrastructure: In-house exchange hosting services find it challenging task to maintain a proper infrastructure for the sophisticated IT resources, whereas hosted exchange services providers offer a secured, and reliable hosting environment with best infrastructure and high network availability. Economies of scale works for Hosted exchange services providers.

Administration and control: Since all the resources are owned by the enterprise itself in in-house hosted exchange, so they have full admin control on resources. Well, hosted exchange services also allow its users to access their entire email environment, with a handle of an user-friendly control panel with which the user can manage and control their account remotely.