Do I really require a cloud load balancer?

What if your website gets crash or suffers downtime while getting too many hits on your site, you may lose business, to avoid that get load balancer to your site. This load balancer device will help in distributing load across servers. Load balancers are used to maximize the reliability and capacity of the network. The overall performance of the network is increased as this load balancer decreases the burden on servers associated with the network.

Cloud load balancing is nothing but distributing client request in many application servers which are received in client’s environment. Cloud load balancing allows you to increase application performance and reliability, it is more cost efficient as over traditional method of load balancing and ease of scaling the application according to the need.

Cloud balancing is benefited by the scalable and global character of cloud itself. The speed and ease of scaling in cloud refers to the number of traffic spikes handled by the companies without any degradation in performance by placing a cloud load balancer.

Hardware vs. Software Load Balancing

Traditional load balancer relies on hardware setup in the data center which requires a team of IT personnel for maintenance. In the cloud computing era, hardware-based solutions have a drawback as they do not support Cloud load balancing as customers or proprietary hardware are not allowed by cloud infrastructure vendors in their environment.

Fortunately, software load balancer delivers the reliability and performance of hardware-based solutions at lower cost. As they run on commodity hardware it is affordable for smaller companies and is ideal for cloud load balancing as like any other software applications it can run on any cloud. The ability to host an application in on multiple cloud platforms can help in boosting reliability.

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