Email Server Support on Linux and Windows Hosting Servers

dedicated email server hosting

Email Server Support is vital for medium and large corporations. Free email services will suffice the needs of personal emails, but when it comes to running a business, the dedicated email server hosting is a must. Linux and Windows are the two most popular operating systems and Email server support on Linux and Windows hosting server are different in functionalities. Many times users are unable to decide between Windows or Linux for email server support. However, the answer is very simple. They just need to match their business requirements against different features of Linux and Windows email server.

Although, many IT experts will recommend Linux server over Windows server and vice versa. Linux is an open source, hence comes free of cost and at the same time offers strong security. Whereas email server support on Windows is paid.

Linux vs. Windows Email Hosting Server Support

Stable and Secured: Linux is popular for its security and stability. When compared to Windows, Linux has better processing speed and it rarely gets crashed, which makes this a stable option. Unlike Windows email server, Linux does not get frequent virus attacks. Windows is more likely to get compromised by a virus and other malware threats. The security design of Linux is very powerful and protected. Also, with Linux email hosting, there is a provision to set specific spam filters. This will ensure a higher level of security when dealing with emails.

Agile: Linux is a user-friendly email server. Uploading and hosting on both the OS is convenient. However, you may need front page extensions enabled while website designing for server compatibility.

Affordable: Linux is available free of cost, and at times, a negligible fee is charged for few of its add-on applications. This is why it’s the most preferred email server. When better services come for free why to pay money.

Freedom of choice: Unlike Windows, Linux is an open source, so the user is free to choose products and applications. There is no restriction to use only vendor-bound products like it is in case of Windows email server.

Works with Microsoft Active Directory: Users can integrate Microsoft Active Directory user accounts & distribution lists with Linux email server. It will help in simplifying administration.

In case if any business has more numbers of Windows based systems and applications, then for such enterprises, Windows email server support will be the ideal solution. Microsoft offers an entire suite of critically managed mail server applications.

Again, while choosing among Linux and Windows, it’s all about your business environment, the applications and programs that your business run on.