Everything you need to know about Managed Dedicated Hosting Servers

managed dedicated hosting service

When you are new to the world of server and hosting, you come across several solutions and in no time you get confused about all these web hosting services. Dedicated web server hosting is one of those much-discussed hosting solutions which we are now going to discuss below.

What are dedicated servers?

Dedicated servers are the single tenant bare metal servers devoted to a single client. The resources of the dedicated server are not shared with anyone else other than the user. Since the server resources remain exclusive to the single user, there is a greater degree of performance, speed, security, reliability and control.

Most of the hosting service providers offer both managed dedicated servers as well as unmanaged dedicated servers.

What are managed dedicated servers?

Managed dedicated servers are the services where the servers are managed by the dedicated server providers at an additional cost. These managed services allow the users to completely focus on their core business and leave all the IT related worries to the dedicated hosting provider.


  • Application management: Application management in the form of addition, deletion and configuration of applications can be done by the technical team of server hosting provider.
  • Database management: Similarly, database management in the form of the addition of users, deletion of users and addition and management of database can be done.
  • Server Monitoring: In Server monitoring, monitoring of your entire infrastructure is done. It will help you to stay on top of any errors and performance outage.
  • Better Performance: Assurance of better stability, server reliability, flexibility and
  • TechSupport: 24×7 advanced tech-support is provided.
  • Backup services are provided at regular intervals.
  • Additional security services such as anti-virus and anti-spam services, security audit and DDoS attack protection etc.
  • Unlimited technical troubleshooting and setup assistance, Customized OS installations by the system admin.


  • Additional costs (for the professional IT management services).

What are Unmanaged dedicated servers?

The scope of professional IT services offered by the dedicated server providers is limited in the case of unmanaged dedicated servers.


  • No extra charges for server management services
  • Total control of the server by the server owner.
  • Ability to install programs of choice and perform desired configurations to suit business needs.


  • Users need to internally manage the technical issues.
  • Users need to hire staff to manage the server.
  • Need to spend on hiring and maintaining technical or professional staff.
  • Good technical skills are needed for server management and
  • Companies may or may not grant admin or root level access thus limiting you to control your dedicated server.

When the users already have IT professionals within their organization who can well take care of the server issues, then they can choose unmanaged dedicated servers. But, if users do not have IT experts with them, they must opt for managed dedicated servers.