Finding New Data Centers Sales Opportunities in Changing IT Markets

Data Centers Sales Opportunities

Demands for super-speedy networks are increasing. The user behavior towards the online world is changing. End-users do not like the status such as buffering videos and also hate to wait for slow-loading websites. Data centers are the connecting link between the content providers and the end users. So, data center services providers have a key role to play in the faster delivery of the content. The ever changing IT industry trends make things all the more challenging for the data centers. One of such trends has been indicated by a Cisco report which predicts that by 2019, 80% of the global traffic will come from online videos.

Though it may sound challenging for data centers service providers at the same time, there stand immense sales opportunities for them. Data centers can even help their customers in finding new sales opportunities by understanding few things about their requirements such as:

Type of services: It is very important to understand what customers are looking because as customers differ so is there needs. Does their business require colocation server hosting services in a carrier neutral environment or they need to be hosted in a secure dedicated web server hosting environment? For some enterprises, hybrid server hosting service approach might prove to be the best-fitting solution.

Power Needs: Power is another major concern in the data centers to manage the critical IT workload. Power is required to keep all the systems in the data centers up and running 24×7. Currently, the prevailing UPS architecture models in the industry are Scalable and Pay-as-you-grow models. Each equipment in the facility needs assessment for power requirements and accordingly, a plan for power consumption can be devised.

Pricing Models: Pricing at data centers varies on the basis of various factors including customers’ requirements, type of services etc. Selection of pricing models also depends on the IT budget of the customers. Irrespective of this, Data Center providers always make sure to deliver the best value to their users through useful data center operations.

Increased data center infrastructure with increased Cloud Web Services & SolutionsNeed to store data is increasing with each passing day. With the adoption of cloud server technology, data is effectively stored & used irrespective of its place of storage.Some major cloud server hosting providers are anticipating that by the year 2020, they will need to triple data center infrastructure to meet increased demands for Cloud Web Services & Solutions. It is also said that as information technology industry will evolve, the need for tier-4 data centers will evolve to satisfy the growing demands & factors like globalization and the increased rate of information sharing will contribute majorly for such changes to take place.It is also said that this increased demand is expected to come particularly from industry’s hub markets, like Silicon Valley, Northern Virginia, London, Tokyo etc.