Getting Started With Domain and Hosting ?

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If you are new to the word of running a business online who are struggling with the process of getting their domain and hosting work, then this blog will be a great help to you.

Step 1: Get a Domain Name

First and foremost is to get a Domain Name. Your domain name is your brand identity. Your online address. Now the question comes how do I choose a domain name? As said earlier domain name is important. Your customers will type it into a browser to get to you. So, it is essential that it should be easy to recall. We will advise you to keep it short and ignore acronyms or abbreviations.

Apart from a domain name, you even have to decide on Top-Level-Domain (TLD). Thinking what’s this? This is the suffix that comes after a domain name like ‘.com’, ‘.in’, ‘.net’. ‘.us’, etc. Yes, ‘.com’ is the most popular one but the availability is till doubtful. In case you are fine with the alternative TLDs, just make sure on all marketing and branding materials it is clearly mentioned. Else people have a tendency of remembering .com

Once you have chosen a domain name and TLDs, you have to register yourself. This can be done via one of the numerous domain registrars, however, this is also offered when you sign-up for your which is the next step, you are going to need. But before that, you have to understand what your website will need so you can select the right hosting plan.

Step 2: How to choose a Hosting Plan?

Before you start looking for hosting solution, you need to figure out what you will be hosting? Is it going to be WordPress or something custom-made? Will you require specific versions of PHP, Windows application or other software? Are you expecting high traffic from the onset or you suspect it will rapidly grow once your website is established?

All these questions will help you to understand what type of hosting you need. Here are few hosting plans you can choose from!

Shared Hosting

As the name suggests, here you will be sharing your server resources. One server and multiple tenants. It is similar to rent a flat in a building, where you have your space but also other people are there. But it is affordable. Shared web hosting is the cheapest web hosting option. But then it has the least flexibility and can’t take the load of high traffic. It is a great option if you have a basic website on WordPress. But in case, you need PHP versions, then surely this is not the server for you. Also, you can’t just install any plugin you want on the server or change the operating system, because the server isn’t only yours.

Virtual private servers

A higher version of shared hosting is Virtual private servers (VPS). In this environment, you are still on a server with other people, but a limited number of. And the area allocated to you is bigger and with more flexibility. Your area is set-up as your own little server with the main server, providing you more control over what you want to run over it. If in future, you feel the need for more assets or flexibility, it’s easy to scale up on VPS. But to a certain level only.

Unisecure offers best and affordable VPS hosting plans in US.

Dedicated servers

As a name suggest a dedicated server is purely yours. Not more sharing! It is just like having a bungalow. In the dedicated server, you can customize things as per your website. You have full control of your server, but remember managing a server is your duty. So is the security. It takes quite a technical knowledge to run a dedicated server.

Unisecure provides cheap dedicated server hosting with best features ensuring high availability and 99.995% guaranteed uptime.

Step 3: It’s time to connect Domain & Hosting

When you have a domain registered and you have a hosting plan set up, you’ll have to ensure they’re connected. If you register your domain someplace other than your hosting provider, you’ll have to update your nameservers. Your hosting provider will disclose to you what the nameservers should be changed to. In case you’re hosting with us, you can discover this information in your customer area.

Go to Services > My Services and select the hosting account by clicking “View Details”. You should see this: It will likewise be emailed to you. When you have your nameservers, go to your domain registrar to change them. This is regularly done in your customer area or control panel with domain registrar.

Once you’ve updated the nameservers, it can take few minutes to 72 hours to completely “proliferate”. Amid this time, ISPs (Internet Server Providers) and servers around the globe will see the changes relying upon their TTL (Time to Live). When it’s completely proliferated, your website will be live visiting your domain in a browser.