How to Get WordPress Content Shared on Social Media

Social Media network share

Developing a great content with correct keywords will be of no value if it is not shared and viewed by the online visitors. A right SEO and social media strategy needs to planned to increase the traffic to your website. Optimizing the posts for social media is very important for it be seen by the viewers. Relying only on the Search Engine Optimization is not enough today. The posts need to be shared, retweeted and repined as much as possible to enhance its visibility and value.

Few small but strong actions can make WordPress Content highly shared on the social networks:

Social Media Share plug-ins: Primarily to ensure that users share the WordPress content right from the webpage, you need to add social media share plugins. Innumerous options are available for share buttons, free as well as premium paid ones. Different plugins have different features. Some may offer customization options, some are automated, some have appealing display features etc. You can choose whatever you like. Adding a social media sharing buttons are the keys to let your content reach more audience.

Open Graph Protocol features: Once the Social Share plugins have been installed on your WordPress website, next action you need to take is to add Open Graph Protocol feature to your website. To make your content socially optimized, you need to add specific meta tags to your website. As soon as your article link is posted on a social media network, it will display the image or video thumbnail along with the description. Users can simply click on it and get directed to the link. Link added with the image and description gives a better idea about the article and persuades the users for click-through.

You can choose to manually add open graph protocol if you have enough knowledge of coding. OR You may even make use of free plugins for the same. There are separate Open Graph Protocol plugins for Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. 

Social Media Engagement: Once users start sharing your posts, you need to keep them engaged to gain maximum from the social media networks.

Furnish your heavy-impact content with the right optimization strategies for both SEO as well as for social media platforms. The above tips would help you in optimizing your posts for social networks. Make your content reach maximum people.