Guidelines to Follow While Changing Web Hosts

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There could be a situation when you may seriously need to change your web server host for the better output. Either your business needs upgradation which requires better data center services or you are not just satisfied with the service of your current web host provider; whatever be your reason but changing your hosting server provider is a challenge. So, here are few important guidelines which will help you in easy moving between the web host providers by minimizing risks and impact.

Find a new host: This time, you need to research a little more than earlier so that you do not have to change your web hosting services provider again. You should estimate your web needs for a long-term. If your business is growing fast and you need a greater degree of security and scalability, a dedicated web server hosting or colocation server services shall be your preference. However, Cloud-Based Server service too will meet your needs in a much affordable budget. Choose only a?reliable web hosting provider with strong client base.

Pre Move Etiquette: Let everyone know when you are moving to a new site. Also, let them know the type of site it is i.e. a business or a personal site. This will help your users know the situation & adjust their needs accordingly. Once the transfer is complete, you can inform them accordingly so that you and your clients don’t miss any opportunity related to business.

Create a backup of your website: Once you have decided on your web host provider, next thing you need to do is to create a full backup of your website. This is important because even your mission-critical data is affected while moving to the other domain, they remain in a secured position with a safe backup.

Also, keep your customers and visitors notified of this transition to ensure you do not lose any opportunity.

Change DNS in accordance with the new web host: Update your domain with the information of new web hosting company.

Be patient till the DNS change is effective and working: Post-migration to the new host, wait for  enough to make sure the changes have been well accepted across the web. At least 48 hours of wait for letting things get effective should be ideal.

At the last, cancel your old account: Once you are fully ensured that everything is updated, you shall cancel your old account.