How much storage space does your server need?

Maintaining your files and folders on dedicated servers and cloud servers is an ideal approach to secure your data and with the flexibility of managing your files from anyplace at any time is an added advantage. Now, when the web servers are coming standard with a wide storage space that ranges from 64GB to 1TB, storing all of your essential data has becomes easier. But do you actually need that big server space for your server?

When you purchase a server, the web hosting company offers you a certain amount of server storage space to comprise the entire content of your website including HTML files, images, videos, and everything you install on your server is counted in. But does your web content take up all the space allotted? That depends on your website. One that contains a lot of data including large audio and video files will surely take up more room.

If you are planning to go for the unlimited package scheme, let me tell you that your website is never going to get large enough to subscribe the plan. But the changing trends in the website design will soon make your shift from minimum to maximum server space since companies have seen a massive growth in their websites which are:

  • Increase in the size of the webpages – In 2012, the size was 929KB that grew rapidly to 2099KB in 2014.

  • The growth in the size of web images – From an average size of 793KB in 2012, the number went upward to 1MB per page in 2014.

With the given data, you now need to calculate the size of your website that will help you determine the server space you will require. For calculating your overall requirement, you need to ascertain the number of web pages your website comprises, average page size and the monthly traffic generated. These three factors will aid you in understanding your space requirements.

High ranking websites usually take up 200GB server space, and if you add on extra features to it or just upgrade the videos and images, you’ll soon demand 1TB storage web server. The conclusion is not every website will demand higher storage space unless it is upgraded with additional images, videos and other data.