How to securely migrate from Windows Server 2003 post end of Support

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Windows 2003 server extended support has been ended officially by Microsoft this year on 14th July. This clearly means that Microsoft will not develop or issue any updates for Windows server 2003 version anymore.  So if you are still running your business on Windows server 2003, then your data are at stake.

Why lingering on the Windows Server 2003 server holds risks?

  • Your data is not secured: Since there will be no more security updates, the data is posed to extreme threats.
  • Non-compliance with standards: As Windows server 2003 has been discontinued, so it no more complies with the PCI standards, therefore the businesses on this platform will not be able to process any online payments.
  • Non-compatibility to latest applications: Latest applications and software too do not support Windows server 2003 platform any longer.

Moreover, there are several hardware issues and cost of operation is also high. So, do not wait and plan migration strategy to move your data to latest versions to upgrade your business.

Ideally migration to Windows Server 2008 will not be advisable for the reason that Windows server 2008 is under ‘Extended support’ by Microsoft, so this too may get terminated in few years, if not very soon. Then you will again need to migrate to the latest version. So it is better to choose to migrate to the latest versions- Windows server 2012, MS Azure or to MS Office 365.

How to securely migrate from Windows server 2003

Plan it: Create a list of everything that is required to be moved to the new version of Windows server, applications, software, drivers and workloads.

Check the compatibility issues: Windows Server 2003 runs on the 32-bit processor while Windows server 2012 R2 runs on 64 bits CPUs. This is why server administrators need to check the compatibility issues of a processor as well as hardware elements. Replace the old ones with the latest versions.

Create back up: In case of any technical glitch and failure of migration, the backup of workloads will enable the restoration of data, operating systems, applications and all important components.

Test and execute the migration: Trust only reputed Windows migration services provider to ensure successful and smooth workload migration.

It’s important to retire Windows server 2003 as it is no more efficient and move on to much more capable versions of Windows server.

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