How to setup FTP Servers with Add-on Security ?

ftp server security

FTP is an acronym for File Transfer Protocol. FTP functions on a client-server model.The server acts as a host for the files to be shared and the client uses the interface to access, download, or upload files from the file server.It’s the most popular service that is used for transferring data over network because of its effectiveness and efficiency. FTP is the widely used by users on each operating system and every network.It can be run in two modes: active and passive and uses two channels between the client and server, the command channel and the data channel.

Windows comes with FTP server by default with its IIS 5.0. With Windows server suite features, FTP has greater options and its add-ons boosts the FTP site security.

To get the most of the FTP security benefits, the users are advised to upgrade to Microsoft IIS 7.0 version.

Below is the step-wise procedure for Setting up FTP hosting servers with addon security:

For Windows 7, 8 & Vista:

  • Go to the task bar and click on Start
  • Click on Control Panel
  • Under Programs, select Programs and Features
  • Now click on Turn Windows Features on or off
  • Under Internet Information Service, click on FTP Server
  • Now you need to check FTP Service
  • Under Web management Tools on the same pane, you need to check IIS Management Console.
  • Now confirm the changed settings by clicking on 
  • You will soon notified of installation completion.

For Windows 2008:

  • Go to Windows and then Server Manager
  • Go to Rolespane and under Roles Summary, click on Add Roles
  • Under Management services, Check IIS Management Console (if unchecked)
  • Now under FTP server, select FTP Service
  • Now you need to confirm the installation procedure to start by clicking on the Next button on the Window.
  • You will be get installation completion message through a notification window.

For Windows 2012:

  • Go to Server Manager pane in Window and run Manage
  • Go to Add Roles and Features
  • Click on Installation Typeand choose Role based or Feature based installation
  • Go to the Server Roles, and click on Web Server Role (IIS)on the pane
  • Now check IIS(if unchecked), if checked go to the previous window
  • Go to Role Servicespane under Web Server Roles (IIS), choose FTP Server
  • Also check on FTP Service under it
  • Now confirm the settings by clicking on Install button
  • On completion, you will see the successful installation message

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