How to setup Load balancing Web Servers ?

Load balancing web server is a resource optimization technology which is very important to distribute the workload over integrated network of computing systems, CPU’s and hard disks. The main purpose of load balancing web server is to prevent the impact of any application failure on other functional server so that the network uptime and availability can be retained and the business continuity is maintained.

Pre-requisites for setting up the load balancing web server:

Before installing the load balancing server, we need to ensure few things are intact in place.

  • Make sure that load balancer plug-in supports the operating system and web server combination.
  • Create the server clusters/instances which can contribute in load balancing instances
  • Distribute application to these web servers.
  • Adhere to the instructions of web server software to ensure a smooth load balancer installation and configuration.
  • Load balancer set up plug comes in zipped format
  • Create and configure the server domain
  • Export the certificate from the load balancing service provider

Setting up load balancing web servers:

  • Log in to the control panel of Cloud server
  • Navigate to the top and choose server
  • Go to Create Resources
  • Click on Load Balancers
  • Go to Identification and Input a name for your Load balancer
  • Select the region
  • Go to Configuration, Choose virtual IP– Virtual public IP, allowing 2 server for load balancing– Virtual Private IP, running on server provider internal network with added advantages
  • Select the best suiting protocol to configure load balancer
  • From several algorithm options, choose the right algorithm that will best suit your load balancing needs
  • You can also choose to add cloud servers for load balancer to run on more than two cloud servers
  • Now create Load Balancer

Setting up load balancing web server is a simple process but only when you are technically sound. A novice should not attempt the commands because wrong entries may lead to errors. Unisecure offers best web hosting services and load balancing web services with state of the art data centers in US and expert IT professionals to assist you in any kind of web server hosting needs. Our technical experts will help you set up load balancer for your web servers.