How to upgrade from 2012 to 2014 ?

Microsoft always aims at making the business process and communications easy for marketeers, business owners, IT professionals and developers across the world. As a part of its constant innovations to make its offerings and services better, meeting the current OS needs, Microsoft has rolled out its latest MS SQL server 2014. Many experts are regarding it as the next generation thing because this updated version has an array of features to offer to its users.

SQL server upgrade advisor will guide and help users for upgrades. It will analyse the previous version of the SQL server and accordingly prepare a report enlisting the issues to be fixed. 

New Features in MS SQL Server 2014:

  • Data engines that includes memory optimized tables, SQL server data files in Windows Azure, delayed durability, database compatibility and many more enhancements and extensions.
  • New features for analysis services and business intelligence.
  • New features for Installation of SQL server Installation to make the process simpler.

Here you can find all about new feature additions for MS SQL server 2014:

How To upgrade from MS SQL server 2012 to MS SQL server 2014

SQL Server Upgrade Advisor guides you through Upgrading from SQL server 2012 to SQL server 2014. It will advise on what all actions should be taken before as well as after the migration. On running upgrade advisor, the home page will show the tools as:

  • Upgrade Advisor Analysis Wizard
  • Upgrade Advisor Report Viewer
  • Upgrade Advisor Help

Upgrading from SQL server 2012 to SQL server 2014 through SQL Server Advisor starts with running the Analysis Wizard which will thoroughly analyses the existing server components and when it finishes, you can check the report under Report Viewer. Each part of the report has the related information which is also linked to Upgrade Advisor Help that will guide you to fix all the issues (if any).