How’s the Idea of Sparing an Extra Server?

What would you do with a spare server

Spare servers can be a good idea in the case of any downtime due to some equipment failure. Things will remain functional even if there are hardware issues. It will help in minimizing the downtime and ensure business continuity.

Managed hosting services help businesses in carrying out their IT operations in much better way. Ask your web host for managed services where the experts will take a complete care of your computing needs assuring better uptime and server availability. Keeping in mind the downtime factors, Managed hosting providers also offer spare servers or equipment for short-term as one of their services.

Backup advantage: A spare server adds to the backup advantages. Mid-sized businesses or large enterprises can afford to have an extra server for backup and to manage their overload. But startups and small organizations can rent a spare server from managed service providers whenever the need arises.

A brief look on how it functions:

A spare server on rentals offered by managed hosting providers is also known as “life-boat server” as it saves the businesses from sinking due to downtime. Users can easily create a VM of the slowed server. Many web hosts offer this utility as a separate service, not included with any other services. They can put your server running back on the track in no time.  maintaining the performance and business continuity.

Apart from this, small enterprises can even make use of their old servers as a spare one. This is the age of recycling things. Especially in the area of technology, the world should wake up to the alarming environmental issues caused by decomposition of electronic devices. So we should make use of spare old devices in the best possible way. With an old server, organizations may opt to colocate in a data center and use it for backup services.

A spare server will always come to your rescue during downtime. There could be times when your server is overloaded due to heavy traffic, a hot spare by managed hosting providers can help you easily deal with the downtime situation.