Internet Policies that can Influence Server Web Hosting as We Enter 2017

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We are in 2017 where the businesses are ready to move to the cloud server hosting services and its associated solutions. Internet of everything and hybrid IT solutions are offering diverse utilities for businesses. But there are few issues related to internet policies that can be the major roadblocks for a web server hosting service industry. The Internet Infrastructure Coalition has communicated few things that can influence the business of IT service providers this year.

Here is the list of issues that server web hosting industry should watch in 2017:

ECPA needs an amendment: Electronic Communications Privacy Act (ECPA 1986) is an outdated law that needs immediate reformation for better privacy and protection of all communication platforms. Right amendments in this act will build the consumer trust in the internet infrastructure.

IANA Transition: Internet should remain as an open, stable, secure and resilient commodity for its growth. The Internet infrastructure coalition supports the US Government’s approach that enables different businesses, countries and communities to work together for managing Internet as a common resource.

Digital Single Market (DSM) proposal: The internet Infrastructure also supports DSM proposal that is expected to improve the accessibility of online markets. The proposal can also help in the expansion of new digital business ventures that will eventually accelerate the economic growth. According to European Union (EU) estimation, a DSM could add €415 billion annually to the economy that can possibly create job opportunities for Millions.

Opposition to UK’s Snooper’s Charter: Snooper charter is the name for United Kingdom’s Investigatory Power Bill that allows security agencies to use surveillance technologies through electronic communications, phone web history, and even social media accounts. The Internet Infrastructure Coalition does not support this as it will be too-intrusive for the businesses and can affect their daily operations.

Access to encryption for Cyber Security: Cyber security is the major concern in the digital ecosystem today. Even a small security break can cause big losses. Business security can be strengthened if there will be accessibility to the encryption for the enterprises. Not only their data will be secured but their consumers’ information too, will remain protected from external threats.

Judicial Redress Act ( JRA ): JRA was enacted as a precondition for the implementation of the “Umbrella” privacy agreement between the US and its allies like the European Union ( EU ). This act brings under judiciary the citizens of the US and its allies. Under this US Privacy Act, American Citizens and the EU or its allies can voice and raise a concern about the misuse of personal data collected by US law enforcement agencies in court. In addition to this, the law also enforces security while sharing personal information. Thus, this law will not only help in enhancing the digital economy but also strengthen the ability of law enforcement for better implementation of security measures.