Is your data center ready for the 2020 digital revolution ?

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2020 Digital Revolution is approaching fast, its lesser than five years away. Technologies are undergoing a sea change that will stir the global economy. The rise in the digital businesses will revolutionize the world. Data centers are already facing challenges and finding innovative ways to accommodate the rapidly increasing data volumes in the most efficient way.

Why everyone is talking about 2020 Digital Revolution?

Digitalization will transform the way businesses perform by 2020. Technologies will be different from traditional IT. Organizations will get fully automated as robots will be used to automate everything. Well, these robots will not be the ones we see in movies, instead, it’s about the robots embedded in the software which will have capabilities to perform like humans; reading, writing, creating programs and communicating. Ultra-modern offices will have such robotic software that will manage the accounts, data and various other things in the office. Businesses won’t need skilled professionals, employees will be replaced with intelligent business software. These automated systems will be inexpensive and tireless, they won’t need any leave, even incentives or perks.

Key trends that might shape the digital revolution :

By 2020, the digital economy as anticipated by experts is believed to be around $US90 trillion. Some of the key trends that might drive the digital economy framework are :

1. Hyper-connectivity: Hyper-connectivity will grow between individuals and businesses. This will include new channels for customers, products, goods and services.

2. Supercomputing: Supercomputing will advance further and new high-performance computers and devices will be invented. This will boost transaction systems and analytical systems. It will help in resolving issues related to business and total costs. Thus, it will help to manage data more effectively for operation in a real-time digital environment.

3. Cloud computing : Cloud computing hosting services are the major driving force. Cloud web server hosting services & solutions will drive the digital economy. It will adopt technology faster & help business to grow with the help of innovative technology.

Preparing the data centers for 2020 digital revolution :

According to Cisco estimation, Internet of Things ( IoT ) will connect 50 billion devices and objects around the world to the internet till 2020. Another study suggests that IoT will result in the development of 25 million plus apps and generation of more than 50 trillion GB of data.

So, data centers & server hosting providers around the world should adopt a far-sighted vision, gear up and start their preparations to meet the expectations of rapidly evolving digital businesses. Future will not recognize data centers only for power, cooling, space and network facilities but much more than that. Data centers must go under a transformation to create a future-ready digital ecosystem to be capable of delivering an exceptional experience that can impact the growth and productivity of customers.