Best Operating System for your Hosting Server

Linux vs Windows Server Hosting

The two leading OS offered highly by data centers – Linux Server and Windows Server and choosing between these ideal web server can be a bit difficult. Linux and Windows servers have its own pros and cons and companies need to make a right decision.


Linux Server

It is an open-source operating system distributed as a free OS. It was installed on mainframes, servers, and supercomputers. You can download the OS, modify it and even redistribute it without spending additionally.

In terms of stability, Linux server tends to serve optimally for decades. Many consider Linux a complicated OS and avoid purchasing it fearing its functionality and compatibility with other software. However, it supports just any software you need and performs better than Windows. It takes considerably less disk space for installation, boots faster than Windows and runs with less amount of RAM.

Linux also offers top-level security features and is less prone to malware and virus attacks. Only the admin or root user gets the administrative access to its secured environment. As the OS & its associated applications and tools are free, most businesses go for it.

The drawback of Linux is that it is difficult to understand and learn. It requires professional skills to configure and administer the OS. Besides, it cannot run certain highly advanced financial applications.


Windows Server

Windows was developed for a general audience. However, it is now a standard option for most business platforms due to its flexibility and consistency.

Even a beginner can master the OS within few months of usage, as the technology is extremely easy to learn and understand due to the GUI. The OS has an extensive array of computer applications and supports a host of advanced applications to perform your work effectively. In addition, Windows is compatible with most of the devices.

However, the Operating System has certain cons as well. Windows is expensive than Linux OS. If you connect more processers and users to the server, you’ll need to pay higher for its licensing. The worst thing about Windows is that it lacks security features and is highly susceptible to security threats. Moreover, the OS is unstable and crashes more often.

When it comes to software, Windows does not offer the basic features that are highly used such as word, presentation software or spreadsheets. If you need the MS office suite, you’ll have to purchase the license separately. On the other hand, Linux server offers pre-installed Libre Office set, which is an excellent alternative to MS office.


Windows is the first choice when compared with Linux and is used by a large audience globally. No technology is built perfect and you’ll surely find certain flaws in any device that you use. Whether you need Windows cloud web server hosting or Dedicated Web Server hosting, you can find numerous hosting server providers with these options.