Microsoft invests in submarine cables to connect data centers

Microsoft Corporation

World has already witnessed a huge growth in data consumption which is expected to grow manifolds in the future. The telecom industry will need to go an adaptive transformation to accommodate these massive amount of data. This requires constant investments in technology to support the business growth. One such remarkable investments has been made by Microsoft.

Microsoft is soon to connect data centers globally through submarine cables. It has invested in sub-sea and terrestrial dark fiber cables which will deliver data at higher speeds. Microsoft recently announced its deals with renowned dark fiber companies Hibernia and Aqua Comms, where it will invest in cables to connect its data centers infrastructure from North America to Ireland as well as United Kingdom.

Microsoft invests in submarine cables to connect data centers

Microsoft invests in subsea cables to connect its global data centers!

These connections through submarine cables across the oceans will boost the speed along with improved capacity and lower down the network latency for Microsoft customers. This capital investment will also create jobs and benefit the local economies.

In addition to this, Microsoft is also ready to invest in its first physical landing station in the US that will connect North America to Asia.

Microsoft, like other IT leaders, aims to become the cloud-first provider. These investments will not only enhance the speed and lower the latency but also enable the company to gain a competitive edge on cloud costs. Through submarine and terrestrial cable expansions, its customers will be able to have scalability, high data availability and of course, the widest access, anywhere.

Microsoft not only aims to be the cloud-first but also the mobile-first company, hence it has pulled all its focus on the expansion of cloud services and global infrastructure. The company goal is to keep making innovations and offering value to the customers.

David Crowley, Managing Director, Network enablement at Microsoft, wrote “Competition in the cloud and infrastructure space continues to heat up. But it’s not a battle that will be won on just cloud or infrastructure alone, but instead on holistic innovation and providing value to customers from the sea to the sky”.

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