Modern Data Centers: Security is becoming a Bigger Challenge

tier-4 data center

What are the modern data centers?

Modern data centers are the ones which are ready to meet the growing demands of the enterprises today and even in the future. According to Computerworld, by the year 2020, there will be around 5200GB of data for every person in the world. Although it’s great that we will have so much information that will benefit us in many ways. But at the same time, the amount of data that is going to build up in the near future is unimaginable.

This makes us empowered but at the same time, vulnerability to security risks are increased. More and more data means more security risks. Traditional data centers do not have enough strong security mechanisms to deal with growing data security threats.

The infrastructure and the resource capability of these modern tier-4 data centers providers can manage the growing IT demands of the enterprises.

How security is becoming bigger as a challenge to modern data centers?

Earlier, the security attacks used to slow down the network by overwhelming it with malicious traffic and intrude into systems. But now the security attacks are becoming difficult to identify. Application layered attacks are prominent today which has made the things worse for the CTOs. They need to implement intelligent security solutions which can strengthen the immunity and defense mechanisms of data centers.

What are steps taken by data center managers to waive off the growing security threats?

Cybersecurity: Strong encryption of files and applications, password-protected security layer, captcha and many other authorization tools can prevent the unauthorized element from accessing the data.

Security for Physical Assets: Apart from data on the hosting server, protection shall also be ensured for the other physical assets at the data center. A physical security team, scanners, fire alarms and even a disaster recovery plan are few examples of ways of ensuring protection for physical assets at data centers.

Uninterrupted power supply: data centers is the web of machines which is powered by electricity. If the facility suffers any Power shortage, it will become difficult to deal any security crisis. So 2N power backup is considered ideal for data centers.

Emerging Threats: analyzing the emerging threats will enable the data center security professionals to be prepared well in advance to prevent these new threats.

Today, data has now become the center of everything. This is why it holds the maximum threat potential from multiple sides. So it is highly important to implement these intelligent data security solutions by the data center companies to secure the data and to ensure business continuity.