How Make a Better SEO Drupal Based Site ?

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Drupal is an open-source Content Management System which is utilized by at least 2.2% of all the websites ranging from blogs to corporate and Government as well!

In order to maximize the computer program development SEO of a website engineered with Drupal, you have to set the right settings. Let’s discuss the vital measures you should implement to enhance a contemporary install of Drupal.

Clean website URL

When installing Drupal 7, the CMS will naturally run a test to check whether the server will bolster the utilization of Clean URLs. The primary reason behind this is to affirm that the mod-rewrite extension for Apache is accessible. Clean URLs will evacuate the ?q= string that shows up after the domain name on each Drupal page and furthermore takes into consideration advance customization of URLs with keywords based on the page title utilizing the Pathauto module. The utilization of keywords in the URL is viewed as the main consideration of the Google PageRank algorithm for classifying the content of pages of web index result pages SERPs.

The main refinement with Drupal eight is that Clean URLs area unit empowered default inside the installation technique and there’s no administrator segment to disable them. For a ton of information on configuring an online server to utilize Clean website URLs with Drupal eight, visit this synopsis page on The fundamental reason for Clean sites URLs is that they’re basically the place to start for augmenting SEO performance on a Drupal site with Pathauto.

Configuring the Pathauto Plugin for SEO

An installation framework for the Pathauto, Meta tag, and AdvAgg plugins is typical exchange the documents from, pull back the nonentity files, and exchange them to the server with the websites/all/plugins envelope or utilize Drush to put in them with the program line. Adjust each module inside the Drupal section and check the consents.

Their territory unit exclusively numerous fundamental esteems to consider with Pathauto, then the plugin can mechanically interpret the page titles of Drupal content into SEO friendly URLs that zone unit watchword well off for content searches. Explore the Pathauto configuration section and survey the default settings, supplanting any of the program factors utilizing keywords.

Configuring the Metatag Module

When utilizing the Metatag module with Drupal 7 and 8, the essential settings identify with the page title, canonical URL, and description. These metatags figure out what summary content will show for each page in the Google SERPs or other web engines. The page description can be the same for all pages on a website or set exclusively for every exceptional page. Since pages with an exclusive description will perform better in the SERPs, it is imperative to design the description to rely on the teaser summary.

The Metatags module will incorporate with Views and furthermore consider the custom setting of page descriptions as per a content type. Best practice is to configure the page description for the landing page and primary menu landing pages manually, then utilize Drupal frameworks factors to auto-write interesting esteems for dynamic content. Utilization of the Dublin Core tags is viewed as discretionary. The module likewise takes into consideration custom symbols and favicons to be modified through metatags for web applications and mobile.

Drupal & Google PageSpeed Tests

Google PageSpeed is an awesome way to test the performance of your Drupal site and to guarantee that Google is content with your site. Optimizing for SEO is fundamentally enhancing for Google!

The core reason that Google PageSpeed tests for:

  • Time take to load the initial page and server response time.

  • Utilization of compression of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

  • Prioritization of visible content on cell phones and web programs

  • Image compression (jpg/jpeg, png, gif)

  • The utilization of browser caching on pages

Advanced CSS and JavaScript Aggregation

Utilization of the AdvAgg module with Drupal is standard and straightforward however contains an extensive variety of settings that can be joined to improve CMS execution for Google PageSpeed. The AdvAgg module supersedes the standard CSS and JavaScript total in Drupal center and can be accessed through the “Performance” territory of the CMS organization segment.

The primary sections of the AdvAgg Module contain the settings for:

  • CSS and JavaScript compression

  • Outsider compression modules

  • Experimental applications

Change these settings to see which combinations work best for the website pages by visiting the Google PageSpeed test again and utilizing an input procedure to locate the optimal combination.

Another alternative is to utilize the Speedy module to supplant the Drupal center JavaScript documents with ideally compressed forms of the records. Rapid will likewise function well with the AdvAgg module, yet should be updated with each Drupal center version change.

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