How to setup Load balancing Web Servers ?

Load balancing web server is a resource optimization technology which is very important to distribute the workload over integrated network of computing systems, CPU’s and hard disks. The main purpose of load balancing web server is to prevent the impact of any application failure on other functional server so that…

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How does green data center benefit in saving the Environment?

green data center dedicated server hosting services

The entire world is aware of the environmental issues like global warming, melting glaciers, rising sea levels, ozone depletion etc. due to technological advancements without any concern towards its adverse impact on the environment. However, lately everyone is awakened towards its disastrous impacts now and therefore effective measures are being taken…

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How to upgrade from 2012 to 2014 ?

Microsoft always aims at making the business process and communications easy for marketeers, business owners, IT professionals and developers across the world. As a part of its constant innovations to make its offerings and services better, meeting the current OS needs, Microsoft has rolled out its latest MS SQL server…

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Types of MS Exchange Hosting Services Support

MS Exchange Server is a widely used application for emails, scheduling, to-do-tasks, contact management etc. If you are looking for immediate support to manage, organize, secure and repair MS Exchange Server, here are the different types of Exchange support services: Types of MS Exchange Hosting Services Support Self support services…

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Securing FTP Server

dedicated server hosting services

FTP Server is a popular solution among several internet users for transferring files/data over a network. It is widely used for its multiple features and it works on all operating systems including Windows and Linux. However, securing FTP server is a huge concern because the standard FTP server is ordinarily secured.…

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Data Center in the US v/s Data Centers Globally

data center in US

Data centers in US host data for most of the Fortune 500 listed companies. In fact, US is the leading choice for many corporate for data center services. Although, there are many competing data center providers emerging in Asia-Pacific regions, still the US data center location is the ultimate choice for the enterprises…

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