Data security – it’s important!

data security hosting service

Data security is very crucial for any business. Many a times, it is supposed that only big companies are endangered by the cyber hackers. But, this is not the scenario anymore. Today, even small and medium enterprises are not spared from such attacks. It’s not the size of the business…

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Cloud Hosting Servers Services and packages

datacenter colocation server hosting services pricing plans

If you are seeking a Cloud server hosting provider in the US, you should look for a provider which offers round the clock support, multi-zone security and redundant network. Unisecure is one such cloud hosting provider in the US. Unisecure have been serving with its data center solutions in the US for almost…

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VPS Hosting Services and packages

If you are looking for the right VPS hosting providers in US, you should always check for few things when hunting the VPS providers- price vis-a-vis the VPS features/configuration including memory, storage, all the resources and services. Compare and choose the VPS hosting services and packages wisely. Unisecure have been…

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How to setup FTP Servers with Add-on Security ?

ftp server security

FTP is an acronym for File Transfer Protocol. FTP functions on a client-server model.The server acts as a host for the files to be shared and the client uses the interface to access, download, or upload files from the file server.It’s the most popular service that is used for transferring data…

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Best locations to host your data centers in the US ?

tier-4 data center US

Choosing the best location to host your data center in the US will depend on few basic factors which are directly linked with the speedy and uninterrupted web performance. The major factors being web infrastructure quality levels, global communication networks, quality of services by web server hosting providers and even…

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Sharepoint Hosting on the Cloud

SharePoint hosting is basically a web application platform offered by the Microsoft as a part of its office server suite. It is designed to create websites and to securely store and organize data. It also helps in sharing data which can be accessed from any computing device.It is basically a…

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Cloud and SQL Database Integration

cloud web hosting services sql database integration

You must have already invested a lot in your business IT resources, so you may not be willing to invest further in platform migrations as it will involve huge costs and risks. SQL server is an application for data storage, backup, and recovery through linking all computers on a network. Although migrating SQL…

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How is Exchange hosting beneficial for Enterprises?

managed dedicated exchange server hosting

Exchange Hosting is the communication tool to allow the employees remain connected and communicate whether they are in the office or they are on the move. It helps in improving their productivity and create a highly efficient working environment. Look for good Exchange server hosting service providers to make the…

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