How to know if the Email server hosting is best for you ?

email server hosting services

Email server hosting is an internet service to host email services. It is not regular email provision, that is available for free, but these are designed to meet the business communication needs of SMEs- small medium enterprises, hence they involve costs. They are available with advanced communication features. Benefits of Email server hosting Mobility: Email…

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Dynamic Cloud Hosting Resource Scaling

Today’s competitive market environments demand enterprises to always be one-step-ahead of competitors through creativity, futuristic innovation, and constant developments. businesses need to match the pace with the fast changing market and industry trends. Dynamic cloud is one such agile solution offered in the form of software and hybrid cloud solutions. All cloud…

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Advantages of server hosting on Ubuntu Cloud

ubuntu cloud server hosting

Ubuntu is an open source, free software- a Debian based Linux Operating System. Many enterprises prefer Ubuntu for its excellent security. It’s less prone to malware attacks and such security breaches. The user can also create their own private and public Ubuntu Cloud computing with the help of Ubuntu One. Ubuntu One offers Public Cloud…

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How to setup Load balancing Web Servers ?

Load balancing web server is a resource optimization technology which is very important to distribute the workload over integrated network of computing systems, CPU’s and hard disks. The main purpose of load balancing web server is to prevent the impact of any application failure on other functional server so that…

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How does green data center benefit in saving the Environment?

green data center dedicated server hosting services

The entire world is aware of the environmental issues like global warming, melting glaciers, rising sea levels, ozone depletion etc. due to technological advancements without any concern towards its adverse impact on the environment. However, lately everyone is awakened towards its disastrous impacts now and therefore effective measures are being taken…

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