Setting up Email Server in Linux Server System

email server system linux

Are you looking for assistance regarding the installation of email server in the Linux system? You may contact a Linux administrator for help or follow the guidelines and instructions explained in this blog. There are many server software like Postfix, Qmail, Sendmail and Exim that can be configured on the…

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How’s the Idea of Sparing an Extra Server?

What would you do with a spare server

Spare servers can be a good idea in the case of any downtime due to some equipment failure. Things will remain functional even if there are hardware issues. It will help in minimizing the downtime and ensure business continuity. Managed hosting services help businesses in carrying out their IT operations…

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Web Hosting: Secure Configuration of cPanel and WHM

pre-requisites for cpanel-whm installation

cPanel and WHM (Web Hosting Manager) help greatly in controlling and managing the web servers. The users can easily control their web hosting servers, email accounts, FTP, security settings, databases, application and more through easy-to-use GUI and automation options of control panel. Before we move further, let’s see the pre-requisites…

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2017 belong to people with these IT skills

IT skills hosting server

In the misfortune of joblessness circumstances, IT industry is as yet going great. Its advancement and improvement are not going to stop any soon. This is the reason the business has its entryways open for different job opportunities. Be that as it may, it’s dynamic and regularly changing which implies…

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