Data center Consolidation: Optimization of IT resources

Data Center Consolidation Optimization of IT resources

What is Data Center Consolidation? Data Center Consolidation is the concept to maximize the IT efficiency in an enterprise to reduce IT assets. Adoption of efficient technologies such as server virtualization, storage virtualization etc. leads to optimum utilization of the server capacity as well as the resources. Moreover, implementing a…

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Everything you should know about IPv6

Importance of IPv6 for businesses

What is IPv6? IPv6 is an abbreviation for Internet Protocol Version 6. It is an upgraded version of IPv4. Before IPv6 was phased out, everyone was using IPv4 which has certain limitations. Internet Protocol technology is meant to number the addresses to each internet-connected computing devices. In a nutshell, it is…

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PaaS: From its Evolution to the Revolution

PaaS, short for Platform as a service is a cloud model which is widely popular among the tech-users especially the ambitious developers. It empowers their creative abilities by allowing them to build amazing things. PaaS comes with a large software list of applications inbuilt and ready to deploy. Eventually, it…

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What Favors the Data Center Market Boom?

Cloud computing Data Center Market Boom

Recently, I came across a statement which stated- ‘Data centers are the center of everything’ and I couldn’t agree more. With cloud computing hosting services, big data, internet of things and many other futuristic concepts (which have already started emerging and settling) will all be centered around the data centers.…

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