Why is everyone looking for Hybrid Cloud?

benefits of Hybrid Cloud solutions

Hybrid cloud is the miraculous blend of benefits of public cloud and private cloud. Several studies on cloud solutions have been conducted to measure the increase in its growth among enterprises. Study reports suggest that almost 70% of the companies will switch to Hybrid cloud or Public cloud soon. Reports…

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Can You Trust Your New Web Server?

Can You Trust Your New Web Server

Have you recently switched to a new web server system and things are not working fine? Are you among those who do not get the desired results even after taking the pain of choosing the right web host for your business? Instead, you get downtime, data loss, DNS error etc.…

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Integrating data across both Public and Private Cloud

Data Integration in Cloud

Today, data integration is an important concern with the use of both public and private cloud-based platforms. Companies are going for hybrid cloud environment which enables their business IT operations use both public as well as private cloud. What is Data Integration? Data Integration is the term to define the…

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Why Should You Secure Your Big Data in the Cloud?

Security of your Big Data on the Cloud

Enterprises are on a constant look out for the best hosting solution for their data computing needs. Cloud offers the best hosting environment to the big data of enterprises. It is highly scalable, flexible and also offers a great deal of affordability. Many enterprises, large or small are migrating their…

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Why to Choose Bare-Metal Servers for Cloud?

cloud bare metal hosting server

A right Cloud hosting solution for your business can be advantageous in many ways. So, be careful in making decisions related to choosing cloud model, server deployment etc. When it comes to selecting the server deployment models for the cloud, the IT managers and CIOs have two options – Bare…

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Virtual Server Data Protection: Things to Know

Virtual Server Data Protection Things to Know

What is server virtualization? The technology to mask the server resources such as the physical server, processors, operating systems etc. from the server users is known as Server Virtualization. Multiple virtual environments are created on a single physical server with the use of software application. This server is abstractly divided…

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