Protecting Linux Servers Against Glibc Vulnerability

linux servers Glibc Vulnerability

What is Glibc Vulnerability? Not too long ago, a critical vulnerability has been discovered in GNU C Library, which is an instrumental component of Linux distributions. It is also being referred as GHOST vulnerability which is causing all Linux machines, Linux based apps and devices prone to the hackers. Who…

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POP Before SMTP: Supported no further

POP Before SMTP Supported no further

What is POP before SMTP? POP before SMTP is used by some email programs and software as an authorization method that helps the customers in sending an outgoing mail after receiving all the mail successfully from the same location. How it worked? In POP before SMTP approach, the users were…

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The growth of Self Service platforms in Hybrid Cloud Hosting

Hybrid Cloud Hosting

Hybrid Cloud Hosting market is growing rapidly. IT managers are dealing with the management efficiency issues of hybrid cloud infrastructure. It combines the traditional infrastructure with the modern technologies. It is a balanced blend of public cloud infrastructure with private cloud, as a result, the hybrid cloud infrastructure becomes quite complex to…

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Data center Consolidation: Optimization of IT resources

Data Center Consolidation Optimization of IT resources

What is Data Center Consolidation? Data Center Consolidation is the concept to maximize the IT efficiency in an enterprise to reduce IT assets. Adoption of efficient technologies such as server virtualization, storage virtualization etc. leads to optimum utilization of the server capacity as well as the resources. Moreover, implementing a…

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