POP Before SMTP: Supported no further

POP Before SMTP Supported no further

What is POP before SMTP?

POP before SMTP is used by some email programs and software as an authorization method that helps the customers in sending an outgoing mail after receiving all the mail successfully from the same location.

How it worked?

In POP before SMTP approach, the users were allowed to access SMTP from an IP address only if they have previously signed into the POP server from the same mail server from the same address.

It allows quick authorization for the regular users who connect to the email servers to fetch new emails and send new mails. But it’s a serious drawback that includes security gaps and its complex setup for email hosting providers. It required certain communication channel between the POP service and the SMTP utility. Moreover, there is no way to identify how long users will take to connect through SMPTP after POP.

POP before SMTP phased out

A cPanel update automatically disabled the POP before SMTP feature. It was never an officially supported feature primarily because it was not secure. Hackers can take advantage of the security loops it has and cause threats to the users. POP before SMTP approach has been replaced by SMTP authentication because SMTP authentication is now widely used for emailing and has other benefits too.  New email users will not need this feature as things are not affected even this feature has been phased out.

No major email programs no longer use POP before SMTP. But still few users are using this feature for their email programs. So if you are one among such users, it is advised to upgrade the settings in your email program. If you are configuring a new mail program, use the correct settings and you shall be protected forever from the security issues of POP before SMTP.