Qualcomm introduced 24 core ARM Processors in Server CPU Market

Qualcomm Enters Server Market

It was few years ago there were news of Qualcomm entering the market of server, and now the company has revealed its ARM processors with server CPU of 24-core chip. Just a week ago, Qualcomm demonstrated its pre-production chip which is a purpose-built system-on-chip, integrated with PCIe, storage and other features. Actually this 24-core is said to be just a prototype and the final version is expected to have even more CPUs per core. Qualcomm has not revealed its roadmap or any facts on its architecture. However, many sources report that Qualcomm could offer the processor with 64 cores chip and it can be named as Hydra. Anand Chandrashekar the senior vice-president of Qualcomm said that the company will update on the details and commercial availability of the product by next year.

Currently, the major competitors for the market share of server CPU ARM processors are Intel, Braodcom, AppliedMicro, Marvell, AMD, Cavium etc. the list is quite long. However, Qualcomm will surely find its way in the market space because of its huge credibility in the wireless telecom market.


How Qualcomm is going to win the race?

Qualcomm is investing big so the potential is great and pose threat to existing market players. The company has got a team of experts for strategic planning as well as designing of the entire architecture. Moreover, it already has strong presence in smartphone business so it is capable of making a huge investment and it is worth.

Qualcomm is aiming to target huge tech brands like Facebook and Google and other giant enterprises. Latest Qualcomm chip has been designed to manage the cloud workloads of that include big-data mining, machine learning and IaaS and PaaS options.

Probably, the market which is currently being controlled by just one player, Intel, will soon see a tough competition from Qualcomm.