Review Data Centers Strategies to Stay Competitive

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Data center business is ever-changing and so should be the strategies for managing it. The industry has witnessed a sea change in the recent years especially with the emergence of Cloud computing services. The amount of data is on a constant rise which will keep growing each day, so businesses now demand agile, scalable, secured, well-connected and cost-efficient IT solutions.

A shift in trends for different data centers:

Enterprise data centers: It was just a few years ago, large enterprises were choosing to build their own data centers to manage their IT infrastructure. But very soon these enterprise data centers moved back to colocation and cloud solutions. Zynga and Uber are two major examples of enterprise data centers who moved back to multi-tenant data centers for their IT infrastructure management.

Telecom companies: Many telecommunication companies too opened up their data centers but they faced strict competition from the local data center service providers and Public cloud server providers. Now they are selling off their DC facilities and switching back to the data center solutions and cloud server hosting services.

Data Center Owners: The market scenario for data center owners are very different as it’s their core offering. The data center operators need to assess and review their strategies to remain ahead in the industry competition.

Below are few future-proof data center strategies for data center operators:

Assess the current IT environment: As data center owners, you need to keep up with the ongoing industry trends and strategize accordingly. Integrate your facility with the latest technologies to deliver the best breed of services in the markets you serve.

Understand the industry evolution and future challenges: Tier 4 Data center industry has undergone a huge transformation in the last few years. It’s evolving each day with new experiments and technological innovations. Big data, IoT etc. are in its nascent phase with a massive growth potential for the future which will come as both opportunities as well as challenges for data centers. You need to understand these aspects and plan future-proof strategies for your data center business.

Conclusion: If you are not running data centers as your core business, then you must opt for colocation services and cloud services instead of operating your own data centers. While data center vendors need to evaluate and revise their business strategies according to the changing industry trends.