Role of Energy Efficient Economizer for Data Centers

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The demand for energy-efficient, greater performance technology with cut down operational cost is what data centers need to look into. However, it is not simply operational flow and performance that is evolving as the IaaS market is expanding. Data Center cooling technology needs to upgrade as well.

IT professionals need to study how their data centers actually perform and find out a possible solution that can promote energy efficiency. This doesn’t probably mean restricting power supply and compromising hardware’s performance and effectiveness.

Economizer for Data Centers

Recently, California capitol governor approved the cooling system that saves water and reduces energy consumption. Traditional waterside economizers use water for cooling purpose, however, the latest system eliminates water usage and instead makes use of a refrigerant fluid as a source for swapping outdoor heat. The best part is that data center providers in California can install this advanced economizer in their facility.

One of the major reason for introducing this water-saving economizer in the state was due to its extreme drought conditions. To maintain the life of data centers, California regulators are expecting more such innovations that are cost-effective as well as competent.

Waterside economizers require water to exchange heat from outdoor, whereas air economizers push cool outdoor air within the data center through a heat exchanger in order to improve indoor air quality. But, both has its own benefits and drawbacks. For instance, in case of air economizer, pushing outside air within the facility can also invite invading contaminants, dust, pollution, and other harmful components, which can be a risk for sensitive devices. Many use filtration, however, it is not always beneficial in removing harmful agents from the air and the expenses involved here may decrease gains from this cooling system. Besides, this equipment is subject to high maintenance due to the complications associated with pulling outside air in.


In an attempt to save energy or resources, it is indeed essential to interpret the benefits and risks, cost and savings, so that the efficiency of the data center is not lost. Environmental control for better operational flow in the tier-4 data center must be a priority, but preventing unwanted expenditure and downtime is equally important.

Also, upgrading the traditional cooling system with the latest technology can transform its overall competency and economizers can be beneficial.

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