Securing FTP Server

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FTP Server is a popular solution among several internet users for transferring files/data over a network. It is widely used for its multiple features and it works on all operating systems including Windows and Linux. However, securing FTP server is a huge concern because the standard FTP server is ordinarily secured. It can easily get hacked by doing few modifications in data over the connection by any anonymous person, from any remote location.

So, you need to be extra careful and follow few easy tips to secure FTP hosting Server:

Disable Standard FTP: Standard FTP is an old age technology. If you are using it for your server hosting services then its working should be stopped as soon as possible. It does not give security against modern security threats. It lacks privacy & security measures against hacking threats. As a result, a hacker can easily access and steal or modify your data. The solution to save against these threats would be to shift to a more secure version of FTP like FTPS, SFTP or both.

Block any unknown access: There are several in built security options as default FTP site properties which the user might not be aware of. They only need to customize the settings according to the level of security they require. It is always recommended to disable anonymous connections in default FTP site settings. You can simply do this by deselecting the box which reads ‘Allow anonymous connections’.

Strong Passwords: Passwords are the best way to encrypt your data and secure them from any unauthorized access. But Passwords should be complex ones which can’t be traced by hackers. A weak password is vulnerable to get tracked easily and data may fall at risk. FTP server security setting has an option as ‘Passwords Must Meet complexity requirements’, on checking this option, the FTP user will be forced to set only a strong and complicated password.

Regular site traffic review: Keep a check on security threats by regularly tracking the traffic statistics to identify any threats or malicious intrusion. Under FTP site properties, by checking on enable logging, you can be able to get a record of access to your site.

Restrict IP addresses: Under directory security in default FTP settings, list out only the trusted IP addresses and check denied access to avoid any unwanted IP access.

Take help of software: There are many software available for securing FTP server hosting services. These software applications offer several security features like:

  • Site manager
  • Multiple data transfer simultaneously
  • Synced directory browsing
  • Automated blocked login after few invalid attempts
  • Remote directory listing

By adhering to the aforementioned FTP server security practices, the user can easily save their mission-critical data from any threat & also use effectively dedicated server hosting services .